Welcome! My name is Kristen Hubbard. I am a writer, a CrossFit Level 2 coach, and  nutritional coach (graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association) with an emphasis on mindset. I am currently working on cultivating the tools and systems in my life to help others break through the limiting beliefs and patterns in their own. It is my belief and my personal experience, that this is the key to becoming our best and most authentic selves. For years, my mission has been helping individuals in different areas of wellness, be it fitness or nutrition, but what I have found over time, was that most of the people I worked with all suffered from the same problem; A problem that I have shared for a majority of my life as well. We suffered from OURSELVES. We, or more accurately, who we think we are,  were the cause of all the problems we couldn’t fix. We just simply didn’t know how to get out of our own way.


As one of my mentors told me long ago, “Sometimes we just can’t see the apple on our own head!” Through my own experience, and working with many coaches and mentors in the past- I have learned how to get out of my own way and change my life- by simply shifting my mindset. It is my passion and my purpose to share what I have learned,  and to work with others through writing, speaking and coaching, to do just that. To help to show you where to look, to remove the blocks that keep you stuck and replace them with thoughts of empowerment; to work together on creating new habits and a new way of being. Essentially-  to cultivate a mindset for growth and happiness; to help you take your life back into your own hands- for good!


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the content, and the journey.

❤ Kristen